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Proprietor:   Alan Marlow  (HTEC Mech/Prod eng.)





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Hello there, thanks for visiting my website. My name is Alan and I work from home, based in Shepperton, Surrey,

about 20 miles south west of London and a few miles from junction 1 of the M3 / junction 11 of the M25.

(no parking restrictions incidentally should you wish to visit in person – but please make an appointment first).






As you can see from the heading I have been running this business for over 30 years now, before that I worked for KONICA cameras as a service technician and spares controller.

I have always been interested in photography. I do occasionally get out and take photographs myself so I know how important it is to have a fully working camera.


The answers to some regular FAQ’s:


Yes – I do lens “de-clicking” for Cine/Video


Yes – I repair most of the Canon EOS range


Yes – I can usually remove all traces of fungus


Yes -  I can clean Lumix compacts with dust spots


Yes – I can replace the plastic mount on Nikon lenses


Yes – I can replace the 4 way toggle on Canon 5D mk3


Yes - I work on Pentax LTD lenses


Yes -  I can cure aperture control faults on Pentax DSLR’s


Yes - I can cure err01 on your Canon 24-105 and 17-85




Sorry – I don’t work on the Konica Hexar


I’m afraid I don’t work on Leica or Hasselblads either



Infact there’s loads of repairs that I carry out on a regular basis. Just drop me an e-mail....


NEW !!  We can now do FFA (fine focus adjustment) on Sigma Art, Sport and Contemporary Lenses



I mainly repair Digital SLR’s and Lenses (both Autofocus and Manual).

I can repair small compact cameras if it’s economic to do so and I still have some parts for Canon A1, AE1, AE1-P and Pentax ME, ME-Super film cameras.


So, don’t take your cherished item to a large faceless global superstore, come and chat to the guy who is actually going to repair the item for you.

 I pride myself on my personal service. Many customers become good friends, what more can I say …..



Now tell me about the fault with your camera or lens….  It’s probably best to send me an e-mail or give me a call so that we can establish exactly what has gone wrong. In a lot of cases I can usually give some idea of the repair cost and availability of spare parts this way.


Small Compact Digital Camera’s

These camera’s have some very small parts inside them and they are easily broken, especially if they are dropped on the lens whilst it is in the “extended” position. Sometimes though it’s just knocked out of place and needs stripping down and rebuilding, other times small guides will break off and the only course of action is to replace the entire lens block as individual parts are not generally available.


Digital SLR’s

Many people ask me why do digital SLR’s go wrong ? Surely there aren’t any moving parts inside ? Infact there are plenty of moving parts in them just like their film predecessors. A mirror still has to move up out of the way and they still have an electro-mechanical shutter that needs to be treated with care.


AF Lenses

Modern day lenses have a lot of electronic circuitry inside them. They communicate with the camera body and between them they work out the best settings. Some also have Image Stabilisers (IS) and Silent Motors that need special micro computers to control them.


So to sum up, your modern day camera is a technological marvel. Treat it with respect and it will hopefully give you many years of service.


However, when things go wrong ……….


As a rough guide, here are some everyday repairs I carry out along with the approximate costs:



Samyang Cine Lenses  ...  Slow Iris / Focus Out ……….from £75


Pentax DSLR’s – Dark Images / Aperture Control Fault ...... £95


Canon 24-105mm f4 L IS USM – Iris Flex / Err01 ……………95


Canon 7D / 7Dmkii – Broken CF memory card pins/unit ......... £95


Canon 5D mkII / mkIII – Broken CF memory card pins/unit ......... £105


Nikon D500 / D700 Shutter replacement ..... £195


Nikon D7100 Shutter Replacement ..... £145


Nikon AF-S 18-55mm / AF-S 18-70mm – Fit new plastic lens mount ……………£40


Olympus/Nikon/Canon/Minolta Lenses up to 200mm f3.5 – Remove Fungus……..from £50


Canon A1 / AE1 /AE1-P – Mirror Squeak / Full Service …..£68


Pentax ME Super – Slow Release / Replace Dampers / Full Service ..... £68


Sony/Canon/Samsung/Nikon Digital Compact – replace cracked LCD ….from £35



Equipment examination and report for insurance claim – sent as pdf or word document …………£30



All prices include a clean/lube/adjustment and return postage to a UK address.


I keep a large amount of spares in stock but occasionally it will be necessary to order them in. I can obtain most current parts for

 Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Samyang, Sony & Tamron.

For Samsung, Pentax & Panasonic please ask.




Do I buy broken cameras and lenses ?? – Yes, I am always interested in obtaining items either

to use for parts or to repair.


Nothing too old please.


Drop me an e-mail or give me a call and I’ll give you some sort of idea what

I may be prepared to offer you.






Once again here is my address:


A.M. Technical Services

12 Burbidge Road

TW17 0ED

(United Kingdom)




I recommend sending items to me using Royal Mail Special Delivery. The parcel is signed for, arrives next working day and is insured for up to £500 automatically. Wrap the item in bubble wrap and place it in a suitable cardboard box. This is how I send my repairs back and so far I have not had any problems.


Payment can be made by PayPal , or BACS transfer or in extreme cases I may even take a cheque !  If you collect your repair from me you can also pay by cash.


Oversea’s ? Not a problem (at the moment anyway !! ). I regularly carry out work for BFPO personnel, ex-Pats and people as far away as Italy and Spain !  Probably best to drop me an e-mail first. I’ll try to give you an exact quote plus the cost of return insured postage. See Royal Mail’s website for details:




Any questions?  just drop me a line on 01932 247127  or e-mail: